Kinah Making Tips For Aion

Published: 08th January 2010
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Kinah Making Tips For Aion

In Aion, money is also called as Kinah. As your levels in Aion increase, you’ll require more Kinah to buy for skill books, receive payments from death, etc. Certain classes, like melee classes need more Kinah than others. Here are few tips to earn more Kinah.

1. Banks and Bags

Initially try to spend a lot of money on purchasing bag and bank slots. More slots you own, more items you can sell whenever you go to the town. Fewer slots mean you have to select the items you would like to retain and do away with others. This way you are losing money.

2. Personal Shop

Sell anything in the personal shop at any place you like. If you intend to be away for some time, always ensure there are some items to sell in you personal shop. Best places to establish a personal shop include city gates, teleporters, obelisks, and main streets.

3. Benefit from Extraction

Try to purchase extraction equipment in town, so that you split items into enchantment stones. To earn profit, ensure the price of the item you want to extract is below the worth of the stones extracted. This method is suitable for unique-grade gear.

4. Create a Mule

A mule is one more character in your account, whose sole aim is to retain items and utilize the Auction House. As you can just keep 10 items at any time a mule, or mules, will help you keep more items on the broker. Don’t forget your mule should reach level 10 prior to getting access to the Auction House, so it might be worth it to level a class you might use later on.

5. White Goods - Buy Low, Sell High

Keep on checking the auction house for goods sold for below normal price, to buy low and sell high. Moreover there are numerous goods available for cheaply for sale here. At times these items cost much lesser than the purchase price of the npc vendor, so keep a watch on these deals.

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6. Materials required for Quests

Certain quests need you to go and collect materials. Players are always on the lookout for rapid experience, and will purchase these materials at a higher price from the broker. It would be much better to establish a personal shop adjacent to the quest giver, letting you sell at much higher time, as the punter saves the travel time.

7. Bring your Items to the Peak in the Auction House

Prior to listing your items on the Auction House, find out the selling price of the same items of other vendors. Then your items will be listed at the peak of the search results, thus giving you faster sale. However don’t take the price very low, since it is much cheaper than simply selling to a buyer.

8. Sell Concoctions to the Needy

People don’t remember purchasing medicine prior to entering a dungeon. So if you are looking out for a client outside a dungeon and own Alchemy, sell some health and mana medicines in your personal shop. You'll be in the correct place, at the correct time, selling the essential items, giving you instant sale.

9. Collect Everything

Collect all the things you see, minerals, fish, plants, etc. Consumables and craft items are always needed, and fetch higher price. The additional bag slots can be used for this.

10. Purchase Items when Taxes are Low

The Tax rates fluctuate based on who lives in the Castles, thus causing variation in the item prices. Purchase stuff like paper, glass bottles at lower price, thus allowing you to design products at a lower price. Hence you can sell your products at a much more aggressive price, or earn bigger profit.

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